adj. completed easily, layed back.
"That battle was pretty casual dog."
by iq December 02, 2002
Someone who is confortable on what they're wearing, and not following the trend. Shoe choies would be something loose and confortable.
Laura isn't preppy. She's casual
by FrigginPoet May 14, 2003
When you intend to limit your alcohol intake to approximately five beers then proceed to get entirely fucked up.
Hey mate, keen for some casuals tonight?
by MOJOJOJO June 12, 2012
A person, often when referring to gamers or any other target, that isn't really into it and only does this activity on an infrequent basis while being terrible at it. Can be described as weak sauce or non mlgpro.
Zac: "dude, I hate all those people who play farmville on facebook, they probably haven't ever picked up a controller in their lives"
Mike: "yea, they're a bunch of casuals"
by luckynacho February 24, 2010
to not draw attention to yourself, like blending in or whatever

casual tactics include making your words seem less important, pretending to laugh at a joke, changing the subject, sighing to fill space in a conversation, etc.
casual = walking to a refrigerator and acting SO VERY interested in searching vigorously for the milk that's on the top shelf in front of everything else in there, then entering a room slowly and looking around until sticking you arm up "hi" because you have nothing to say, and then sitting on the largest chair in the room a specific distance away from your companion because closeness is weird and farness is rude, and then taking as l o n g as possible to lean back in your seat, until realizing that it may be too long and rushing into a final leaning position but ultimately finding that an upright position was much more comfortable, and then hearing your companion say "hello" back and panicking because you still have nothing to say, then forcing yourself to say something and it came out wrong, so you add "and stuff" to the end of your sentence and frantically looking for something to point out and say "what nice weather we are having?" or "there's X number of days until this random thing I saw on the news" or "that floor is so dirty! you should really clean it next time!" and then laughing unneededly loudly at SOMETHING and hoping that MAYBE A THIRD PERSON COULD WALK IN SO I COULD NOD AT THIS UNENGAGING DISCUSSION IN PEACE AND MAKE THIS SHITTY JOINT EVEN MORE DAMN CASUAL *bangs head on keyboard*
by GrimacingTomato May 25, 2015
A person who does everything casually
1: that guy just tried to kiss me when we weren't even talking
2: what a casual

1: Idk dude she just stopped texting me in the middle of a conversation
2: what a casual
by casualfriday January 08, 2014
1. Chill and relaxed yet sophisticated and classy. Often referring to a state of being, way of life, or way to dress.

2. To be awesome while at the same time not caring at all.
Dave: Dude, that bbq and ladder ball with the bros was a great time.
Jake: Yeah dude, it was so casual.

Sam: Dude...the Vineyard Vines oxford/seersucker shorts combo is totally casual
by ODH1904 March 21, 2012
anything not done hardcore
Briana: I just finished a triathlon
Luke: I swam the dead sea
Keith: I flew to the moon
Jawn: Fucking casuals, not hard enough.
by Pope Swagmaster February 08, 2015

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