Two Slice through the meat of ones ballsack
abe i will castrate your pakistanian genitals if you dont leave me da fuck alone!
by Tanya Radical February 25, 2008
Top Definition
The process of cutting off a male's genitals.
I'll castrate you with a chicken's beak if you say pwn is pronounced "pween" one more time.
by Joseph September 18, 2004
to get your balls cut off
my girlfriend castrated me when she found out i was cheating on her.
by 69 December 23, 2004
take away ones "manhood".
"He broke your heart?! LETS CASTRATE THE BOY!"
by broken_dollie December 15, 2004
to dismember a dude, to cut of his balls
if you dont listen to me, Ill flat out castrate you!...BITCH!
by Chaquita Bannana August 03, 2005
To remove a man's genitalia.
I'm gonna castrate you.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
To remove the male testicles or the female ovaries

To render infertile
Eunachs were castrated at birth.
by Becca K November 01, 2007
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