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The Act of trying to be something you're not.
Derives from the South African middle distance runner by the same name who won the gold medal for the 800 meter race in the 2009 World Championships.
Caster Semenya is clearly a man, just listen to HIS voice.
by tjpartys August 23, 2009
To support both sides of an argument, just like it turns out Caster Semenya (winner of the womens' 800m in the 2009 World Championships) had hormones from both genders.
(Person 1): I gave someone the book off on the train yesterday.

(Person 2): Yeah, that's great. (Laughs with person 1)

(Person 3): No, that's not cool.

(Person 2): Yeah, (person 1), you shouldn't do that.

(Person 1+3): Don't be such a Caster Semenya
by thatoneguy91 October 01, 2009
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