a very sexy girl. who loves me very much. she is my sugar daaddy... andd i love her and her squishy tummyyy. man she knows how to have a flour fight! many boys stalk her...(adam)!!

i love her toooo death!
wow look its cassie... and adam!!
by zxchj December 15, 2009
That chick who hunts things... and eats pizza and wears a hat she loves left for dead two and her brother is stupid. shes my pimp
"man cassie walked in and she had black hair she was rockin her emo bow."
by Master Bowman February 19, 2010
A backstabbing, two-faced, slutty, bitch. She hits on every guy she meets girlfriend or not. She talks behind all her friend's backs, and pretend she loves everyone. No one loves her.
girl: OMG do you know Cassie?
Friend: YEA! she tried to hit on my bf yesterday!
girl: She's such a bitch!
by loveyatoocassie! March 18, 2011
A total back-stabbing bitch that pretends to be your friend then turns on you and talks behind your back.

A slut/whore/loose girl. A boyfriend stealer and user.

A liar. A bitch. Someone who has no future.
Girl 1: I can't believe it. She's totally turining on me! I thought we were friends.
Girl 2: I know. She's such a Cassie.
by A+H=4eva February 18, 2011
A 20-year old pop-rap\hip-hop singer of African American\Mexican\West Indian an descent from her Mom and Filipino descent from her dad. She songs at a 3- octave range, is a Soubrette. Is compared to Ciara, Amerie, and Aaliyah. Is also a lyrical alto, and soprano. Is from New London, Conneticut. Can sing. Haters, leave her alone!
Cassie is a former model and is is going to be an excellent actress. Even Janet Jackson and Ashanti gave her props.
Cassie is a great singer. Haters, stop puttin her down b\c you guys don't have a life. I won't stop publishing this until it's published, either!
by Sman44 April 10, 2007
The hottest R&B singer to have ever walked the earth. Easily beats out Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce, or any other R&B singer out there. She may be talentless as a singer, but most men are too busy focusing on her incredibly sexy bod, perfect face and lips, and tantalizing dance movements to criticise her musical ability.

Posed nude for Allure magazine, granting heaven on earth to horny 20somethings everywhere.
Guy 1: Oh my GOD I wish I could fuck Cassie
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 2: Help I've been shot!
by truestnigga June 17, 2008
A book by Stephen King.
The author of Cassie is Stephen King.
by Addie777 November 16, 2006

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