a fat, dirty bitch.

shaped like an oompa loompa.

thinks shes tough but in reality shes half of everyones size and can only run her mouth.
dresses trashy, like she just rolled outta the bed.
friend stealer.
look at that cassie, acting like she owns the place!
by karmabitch October 03, 2012
The most disgusting, idiotic, stupid girl you could ever meet. She is a thief, and will most likely steal one of your most prized possessions, she is racist, transphobic, and homophobic. #Cassiehate.
She called my gay cousin a faggot. She must be a Cassie.
by Anastasia Minette. June 20, 2016
a awsome sweet,pretty,beautiful,nice girl she an asian,gets into peer pressure,partys,gets into drama,and often shy but she is loved by many people that love her dearly
omg shes wicked nice she must be a cassie
aw what a cassie
by babiiguurl July 26, 2011
a slut, a stupid little hoe. falls for the wrong people, gets fingered, sends nudes. usually red headed.
that girl is showing her cleavage she's such a Cassie..
by potatoanus January 18, 2015
Cassie is a girl who tends to go red in awkward situations, like a bright red tomato to mid beetroot and a little like Rudolph's nose. She is also prone to farting and keeping quiet about it.
Girl1: HOLY SHIT! That's a huge tomato!
Girl2: Dude... that's not a tomato, that's cassie's head.

Girl: Look at that ripe and juicy tomato, you can make tomato sauce with that shit.

Cassie: Hey! Stop squeezing my head!

Cassie ......*Farts*......
by Madira Arapatt February 27, 2013
A beautiful, crazy, offbeat (and AWESOME) female/transgender female who loves ham and chicken titty. She will slap anyone & everyone with the bitter-sweetness of cold, hard reality yet protects anyone she cares about. You don't want to mess with her... If you do you will get a pissed off ghetto white girl tackling you. Not into apologies unless you're thisclose. She is fun to be with especially if you're feeling wacky or are on a natural high due to laughing or energy drinks until she gets tired, then she's adorably crabby. Don't try to wake her up in the middle of a sleep or she will go ninja on your ass, when not trying to wake her up she is known to spoon. Call her a bum or weird lovingly and she'll return the favor graciously.
"You're so weird Cassie."
"Awww, thanks bum!"


"You my bum, hehe"

"Gurl please..."
by Sporkforpresident January 21, 2012
One annoying bitch who only talks about herself. Although she has great tits, her constant need for everything to be about herself makes you really bored and you WILL want her to shut up. Although you always have your back for her, she can't say the same. She thinks everyone is out to get her and that demons are chasing her. She tells fake stories about how she saved her dad from 9/11 even though you know it isn't true. She takes the fun out of everything and doesn't ask you how your day was, even if you ask her. Although in love with some jock, she cheated on him twice before and yet she still has him wrapped around her finger.
Cassie is really annoying me and won't stop being a bitch. She doesn't care.
by driphoneipadmac September 23, 2013
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