Model-turned-"signer." The girl who sings "Me&U" which appears on her debut album 'Cassie'. The album debuted at #4 though she has no talent whatsoever other than having a pretty face.
Boy #1: You heard of that girl Cassie, the singer?
Boy #2: She's fine as hell but she can't dance or sing to save her life
Boy #1: True. But I would still smash
by 301huny August 22, 2006
Fine ass girl that used to be a model, and came out with the song Me & U.
Cassie has been compared to Aaliyah and Rihanna
by Elluzive July 14, 2006
A girl that is sweet, but can come off selfish. she is naive, but a slut. she is pretty, but is also insecure. she is smart, but lazy. she is a walking oxymoron.
You're a good friend but sometimes you can be a Cassie.
by WeedSavy May 31, 2011
A beautiful young women who should go out with zeke not that stupid fat zach and often lies
Cassie: Hey zeke how about we go to mcdonalds tomarrow
Zeke: Sweet, yeah when
(Next Day)
Cassie: Yeah sry i didnt drive today
Zeke: It's friday we were supposed to go to mcdonalds
Cassie: Yeah i lied
Zeke: Damn Cassie
by L'Z The Godly May 06, 2011
a fat, dirty bitch.

shaped like an oompa loompa.

thinks shes tough but in reality shes half of everyones size and can only run her mouth.
dresses trashy, like she just rolled outta the bed.
friend stealer.
look at that cassie, acting like she owns the place!
by karmabitch October 03, 2012
Derived from the Turkish word kurt kedi, which when translated means "wolf-pussy." Cassie is a negative person who thinks she's really cool even though she is not. She has a bad habit of talking to guys who already have girlfriends, eventhough that guy doesn't know what she is trying to do. A Cassie likes to hang around in a large group so she can be easily camoflauged. When seen out alone a person is immediately drawn to her lazy eye and crooked Central Incisors. If you ever run into this Cassie character you should run in the opposite direction as to not catch anything.
Did you see that girls photo on facebook? She was pulling a total Cassie; you couldn't see her left eye!

SO this Cassie was trying to talk to my boyfriend! That wolf pussy gots to go!
by ocanada20 December 13, 2011
Often mistaken for a ferret. Always has ratty hair and mouldy cheese in her ears which atracks the neighbour hood mice.
Eww what happened to your hair you look like a Cassie?
by JesusPinappleee December 02, 2011

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