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Cassia is a Greek name and means cinnamon. Cassia is an outgoing girl, Always smiling, Nice and caring, Great at sport and is very competitive. She has luscious hair that always looks good and radiant skin.
by sophfeefee September 15, 2011
pronounced ca-see-a.
a cinnamon-bark or sweet-smelling spice. it's the name of a variety of trees.
In ancient greek mythology 'cassia' was also said to be the 'prophet of doom'

The word is of greek origin however it also originates from the french saint cassian, cassius or is hebrew for kezia and keziah.
1. person a: "look at those tree huggers'
person b: "don't you mean look at those cassia huggers?"

2. person a: "mm look at that cinnamon donought"
person b: "no it's a cassia donought"

3. person a: "i don't know why but i just had a feeling that that bad thing was going to happen before it actually did..."

person b: "wow it sounds like you did a cassia"
by Cass =] June 23, 2008
A cassium occurs when the engine in your old beater car continues to chug and sputter even after you switch it off.
How embarrasing, my car's engine is having a cassium again.
by Dr. Clik September 28, 2013
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