When a married woman is cheating on her husband with you and she gets a call from her husband.
"Bro, I had the most intense casino royale with Stacy last night. I talked to Brian like 10 minutes after it and he has no idea."
"Wow, Stacy's such a whore, congrats bro."
by Reaper777 August 30, 2013
Top Definition
The best Bond move ever. PERIOD.
With Casino Royale, MGM have redeemed themselves with the garbage that was the Pierce Brosnan films.
by A Gorilla December 03, 2006
Hitting a man in the balls, preferably with a blunt object tied to a rope, like in the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale.
Yesterday, I hit Tyler in the face, so he gave me a Casino Royale with a yoyo.
by Micah Hannam November 24, 2006
Small, strip casino located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip at 3411 Las Vegas Blvd. This "gem" of a casino offers such amenities as: (a) the violent smell of puke; (b)$1 margarita's and Michelob beers; (c) an outback steakhouse upstairs; (d) 150 murder and drug invested rooms; (e) 100x odds on craps; and (f) an out of date Dennys. The casino's trademark is the fact that no matter when you show up, any day, any night, any time of year, one of the men's room urinals is always covered in a trash bag, reeking of the smell of puke with an OUT OF ORDER sign posted over it.

Kevin and I just spun the "Wheel of Madness" at the Casino Royale.
by lawzag August 24, 2007
The act of fucking a girl in the ass whilst eating her pussy.
Because you've got liquor in the front and poker in the back.
Credit : Imitation_Gruel
She got Casino Royale'd last night!
by goddamnigotbitches March 28, 2015
When having sex, the male lays on his back and the female goes on top, and the male is fucking the female in the ass while bent over and eating her pussy.
You liquor in the front and poker in the rear
My man casino royale'd me and it was the best thing he ever did
by RaDealest March 28, 2015
Act of simultaneously performing cunnilingus and sodomy on a lady. Takes a lot of confidence and flexibility.
Casino Royale "because you liquor in the front and poker in the rear."

by EFG March 28, 2015
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