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To have mass amounts of money. Also known as "BALLLLLLLLINNNNNNN"
Ed: Dude! I got so much Cash Money!
by Dexosour August 04, 2007
A term used to define something as very positive.
"That is so cash money"
"That football game last night was cash money"
by victoria seaward May 23, 2007
When a drug dealer sells all his inventory (drugs), the money that he is left with is known as 'Cash Money'. The money is HIS, but tied up in inventory.
If his cash money is stolen, the business is effectively bankrupt and require's an injection of capital to begin re-operating. ie. Dealer must 'fork out' new cash money to buy his drugs.
"I'm outta weed, gunna take my cash money and go get on."
by Diego September 10, 2003
money. mostly reffering ta' dollas brotha.
let me borrow 20 bucks, fool. my cash money supply is gizzone.
by christin August 02, 2003
a group of 5 individuals that are clearly cash money, mermaid, akate, cash, colester and prima. dont mess with us we will have a cash money dance party that will cramp your style yo.
money cash money cash tannerss
you know those girls, they are CASH MONEY!
by xtina cashhh January 21, 2008
cash money is the one you want.its the shit,its the ultimate,when everything goes smoothly and just flows.when things are chill.
"hey howd it go earlier?"
"dont worry we are cash money"
"my girl said shed marry me"
"aw dude thats cash money"
by just money July 18, 2006
record company. (lil wayne, juvenile, turk, hot boys...)
cash in hand/bag
i aint leavin until i get cash money
by teddyK September 13, 2003