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Money in the form of dollar bills, not checks or credit cards.
Cash money millionares?
by Julie January 18, 2003
Used to explain that you are making money in cash, instead of jewlery or checks or something. Used especially after having stole something
"Oh snap, I just got cash money from that old lady over ther....."
"Man, someone just stole some of my cash money from my wallet"
by CrazySleepyFun March 09, 2007
Used by Macedonian Orthodox to describe assets other than obvious artifacts within their culture, i.e. "cash money" is what is locked in the safe and not kept in the open.
He stole some vodka, got drunk, and when he couldn't find the cash money he lit the church on fire to cover his trail.
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007
a form of monetary exchange that is only bills; different from credit money
I only pay with cash money.
by Leslie September 17, 2003
a term, when combined with the word hoes, that means something that is at the top level of its league
Yo, that Red Sox game was cash money hoes.
by Ben Swanson September 10, 2003
that through which you obtain bling, cars, hypnotiq, etc.
I'm gonna run da club and crush all those hoes when I roll the cash money.
by Gary Coleman September 09, 2003
Not a check, but another form of money that I don't have.
You want some cash money? Go talk to someone else!
by Doco The Magic Dragon and Larry September 08, 2003