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An exciting techno–pop group from the town of Roseland, New Jersey. The band consists of Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals, guitar), Alex Makhlouf (keyboards, programming), Samuel Frisch (vocals, bass), and Anthony Villacari (drums, percussion). Their sound is electric, up beat, and overall fun!
I went to the AMAZING Cash Cash concert last night!
by Ctotheoley January 28, 2009
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Cash Cash is an amazing band!!!
They are very fan friendly, amazing musicians, and have great futures. They used to be called The Consequence until March 2008 when they changed their name to Cash Cash.
"Have you heard Cash Cash's song Party in Your Bedroom?!"
"Yeah! It's amazing!"
by AbbeLovesYou March 04, 2009
A shit band that features four guys with the same haircut and neon clothes. Target audience includes underage girls. This band has been favorably compared to other shit like Brokencyde and Millionaires. In their defense....they can play shitty bar chords. Lead singer is notorious for jumping around like a monkey and grabbing his crotchal region like a moron after people with good music taste make fun of his band/hit him in the face while he's taking a picture with some tween girl. Also spits at people like a true bitch and likes to start fights by slapping off sunglasses, but then just dancing around because he knows he'll get beat down. MORON
"Did you hear Cash Cash at Warped Tour?"

"Wait, can you write that down? I can't hear you because my ears are still bleeding from hearing Cash Cash at Warped Tour."

"OW I got an earache!"

"Oh man, you got Cash Cash-ed! I'll get a doctor."

"I think I like the party in your bedroom song by Cash Cash."

"Sorry, Chad Kroeger, your opinion means nothing to us."
by tonightsthenight July 30, 2009

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