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A shot containing 1/2 Southern Comfort, 1/2 RedBull, with a splash of Apple Puckers. Originated in Houston TX, this concoction must only be made with the right amount of each ingredient, or the Casbah will not be rocked. When made correctly, the shot is like pouring liquid deliciousness into your face. Immediately after consumption, you will completely lose control. Some will hit the dance floor, others will start a fight, and some will take their shirt off and show their nipples to the bartender. Who knows? Whatever the case may be, you will wake up the next morning saying, "things got a little weird last night." I should tell you to drink Casbah shots responsibly, but that is just not a possibility. The Casbah can only be rocked to the fullest extent.
I'm not gonna lie, things got a little weird last night. We bought a round of 16 Casbah shots at the bar, next thing I know I woke up this morning in the hot tub with all my clothes on and a dead hooker floating next to me. Let's Rock that muther fuckin Casbah again tonight son!
by GTen & Your UncleD July 20, 2010

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