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Throughout history the surrounding world has selected the cars that are most fit. Just as for the natural species, cars ability to adapt to new conditions has decided which models that have become successful. Factors such as the economy, the price of oil, baby booms, popular culture, urban planning and law has all decided the evolution of car.
he thought about buying a steam engine car but reconsidered when realizing it was extinct by carwinism.
by Audini July 03, 2009
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natural selection favoring survival in large SUV's over smaller cars.
she thought about buying the little green volkwagen but reconsidered when she thought about extinction by carwinism.
by bittersweet symphony September 16, 2003
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sadly, carwinism eliminated many of his friends.
i knew fred, i liked fred, fred is dead, carwinism claimed fred and his red subcompact.
by thatothername September 26, 2003
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