the biggest hick ever.
yea dood... carver's comin huntin with us
by poopinmypants June 12, 2005
Top Definition
A man who shits in closets
Carver shit in the closet.
by Dan Akroyd Jr. December 16, 2009
Hardcore, powerful, stubborn, rich family from the south
Wish I was a Carver
by Robbiebobby23 October 06, 2008
Jerking off into sweaty used socks.
"Guys I just pulled a Carver last night."
by dbst69 September 20, 2008
N. A douchebag with a small penis and bad hair, usually un-showered.
"Ew, that guy is such a carver."
by Hottie McHottStuff February 07, 2007

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