An increasingly terrible network which introduced good shows, such as Dexter's Lab, and Samuri Jack, then overdid them. Now, Dexter's Lab is no longer funny. None of the newer versions of any of the cartoons are funny. The reruns still provoke laughter, but the new ones are just sad.
Despite it's lack of humor, Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon.
by Cricket June 19, 2004
A network that's reminds lots of people of their child hood when it first came out, now it's barley making it through with only a couple good shows supporting it. But when cartoon network was at its golden stage it aired

The grim adventures of Billy and mandy
Fosters home for imaginary friends
My gym partners a monkey
The Power Puff girls
Courage the cowardly dog
Code name kids next door
Scooby doo
Ed ed and eddy
Dexters laboratory
Johnny bravo
(The old) tom and jerry
And a a lot of good anime shows
Now in my opinion its shows airing today are not nearly as funny, or entertaining as the old classics.
(Kid)- hey I love that they "brought back" teen titans on cartoon network as a show now this generation has it
(Me)-*sobs* you'll never understand
by relatable February 20, 2015
The network that lost their good shows (Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, etc. etc.) through the journey but is get back on top with their new shows. (Regular Show, Adventure Time, Mad, Incredible Crew) And yes Incredible Crew was good! A.K.A the channel you watch when there's nothing good on.
Guy: MAN! There's nothing on TV!
Friend: Dude their putting Regular Show on Cartoon Network.
*Look at each other*
by sixthair January 04, 2013
(N): A cable TV show that features animation. Many of the shows are totally ass like "Samurai Jack" or, and especially, the Powerpuff Girls, mainly because every episode is either the same thing told in a different way. Cartoon Network now features an "Adult Swim" that has An hour of comedy shows that are on FOX network and two hours of anime.
What most people say is that cartoonnetwork "hacked and slashed at the anime, ruining them", but they dont relize that they didnt do it, they got it that way. and if you want subtitles or anything like that, buy the fucking anime yourself.
"The only thing good about cartoon network is the Adult Swim block and the fact that I go to school and am lucky enough that i dont have to sit at home watching gay-ass shows like 'Tom and Jerry' because i will never watch anything with real people in it and i will not watch nick junior. I hate people."
by Straight up white boy December 30, 2003
a horrible channel corrupting the minds of kids today.
me being a kid myself of only 11 yrs.would rather suck someone off than watch it for 2 minutes.
Cartoonnetwork is for 2 year olds!
by McKenzi July 18, 2006
People who said that Adult Swim is better is a freakin' idiot. They should thank Cartoon Network for letting Adlut Swim come there. Most of Adults Swim's shows are racist. Cartoon Network is better then the assholes who hate that channle. Ed, Edd n Eddy is better
1. screw people who hate CN 2. yeah there gay bitches

Go to hell Cartoon Network haters, there gay bastereds
by The Eds July 24, 2006
A network that has great potential, but unfortunately shows nothing but anime anymore.
The last time I checked, it was called Cartoon Network, not Anime Network! Why did they have to stop showing Animaniacs?
by redhed311 August 29, 2005
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