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An interest in an animated cartoon character, generally human (possibly animal- I guess it depends!) which is not unlike a crush, esp. if said cartoon has interesting human characteristics attributed to him or her, such as voice, personality traits, or even physical appeal. Some cartoon lust can be taken further by artists illustrating their cartoon idols undressed or partially undressed, imbuing them with characteristics Disney doesn't necessarily allow us to think about, let alone see, and engaging them in acts of benign innocence, like a picnic in a park, or perhaps something Naughty, like a roll in the Animated Hay. Cartoon lust is generally fun, light, and frivolous, and may often act as an outlet for fantasy or ideation of an individual who one might wish were "real." Too, it may be erotic or even perverse to some, who may derive much sexual pleasure in fantasizing about or looking at images of, or even role-playing particular cartoon images they deem "sexy." Many men might find Wonderwoman irresistable, perhaps for her smile, perhaps for her acrobatics, perhaps for her Bustline. Cartoon lust can vary, all over the board, and, happily for some, can even become Cartoon Love {see FANTASY}...
Cliff: "OH my stars did you see 'Tarzan' yet? HE is a STUDMUFFIN. Like Prince Eric on STEROIDS...I think I might have a serious case of Cartoon Lust!"

Randall: "Oh, he's a little too buff, I still prefer Rodger from '101 Dalmatians,' even if he IS smooth.

Cliff: "Did Disney ever get his shirt off?"

Randall: "Of COURSE not. But I would, and he'd be furry if I had my way. Not too much, just enough. And that accent of his is DREAMY...Anita Darling just doesn't appreciate him like *I* would..."
by Phyllis Britt January 17, 2008
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