a.) someone who has sex with EVERYONE.

b.) eric cartmans mom from south park
a.) girl: i heard michelle had sex with tom last night!
guy: really?! i heard she did it with amy!
girl2: what a slag, i heard she fucked a plant!
guy: yeah i know, shes such a cartman's mom!
by southparklovah August 04, 2010
Top Definition
Cartman's Mom (n): The Skankiest Hoe In South Park.
While Trying To Find His Father, Young Eric Cartman Finds Himself In A Bar And Shortly Later Finds Out That Everyone In The Bar Had Slept With His Mother.
by Amanda June 28, 2004
She or he or rather it, is the biggest whore in South Park and when she isn't making a porno film or at a photo shoot for a porno mag she is busy at home cooking for her son Eric. I say it because cartman's "mom" is actually cartman's dad because she or it is a Hermaphradite meening she has both male and female genitals.
Kyle: Oh sick dude it's some German porn site.
Stan: Is it Cartman's mom?
Cartman: (Very Pissed Off) Hey thats not very funny!
Kyle: (In Shock (for some odd reason)) Dude it is Cartman's mom!
Cartman: (Also In Shock)
by Jesus Pimp October 26, 2004
Liane Cartman is often referred to as Cartman's Mom, but the identity of Cartman's real mom is unknown. In South park: Episosde 202, "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", it is revealed that Liane Cartman is actually Eric Cartman's father, which is possible because she is a hermaphrodite, and that another woman gave birth to him. To this day it has not been revealed who the actual mother of Cartman is.
The identity of Cartman's Mom is unknown; the person often referred to as Cartman's Mom is Liane Cartman, a hermaphrodite who is Eric Cartman's biological father.
by Nihilist23 August 31, 2007
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