a carrot is a penis. period.
Jimbo's carrot just got sucked.
by mr. huckstable doc worthy August 30, 2006

A.K.A. Orange Vegetables.
Oh-Ran-ge VEH-gee-tay-bulls.
Everyone knows that Carrots are chocked full of Vitamin and Betacarrotine. What you don't know... is that they're also chocked full of POOIIISSSOOOONNN!!
by Harry Jenkins May 27, 2005
a gun which someone has on them that they will get out to use
Oi blud.....dont make me draw for my carrot!!
by badman2008 March 05, 2008
girls who play golf and like to carve pumpkins.
Yo, dem carrots be madddd annoying in dem pumpkin stained golf outfits.
by hermana menor June 03, 2006
The best idea for any halloween costume.
Hey! Mary Joe, you want dip for your carrot.
by Tim Oyen November 11, 2003
One who unfortunately retains orange "pubic" haris in the private vicinity of a pratners region.
Hey, connor, cut those damn carrots... they really freak the hell out of mee... You know this makes me horny...
by pugs March 06, 2005
A promised improvement or change that never happens; usually in the workplace.

A form of bait used to keep the interest of a naive/trusting person.

An empty promise.
"They say things will get better when we the new front office system, but it's just another carrot!"
by Che Guevara August 22, 2003

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