An extrememly hard penis that snaps like a carrot.
Oh no! Nico's penis got so hard, when I started beating him off it a carrot!!!!!
by Whitey McCrackerington June 10, 2008
Plural for carrot.

Carrots are the roots of a dill-like plant which originated from what is now known as Afghanistan. The natural pigment of carrots are red, black, purple, white, and yellow. The familiar orange pigment is actually a Dutch hybrid of the red and yellow carrots.
The carrot cake my mom baked was absolutely delicious.
by AYB February 23, 2003
A red headed woman with a stylish bush.
Listen Frank, that Carrot was too tight to pass up.
by Moses October 13, 2003
The little symbol you get when you press shift+6. Used in graphics calculators to raise a number to a certain power
If I hold down shift and press the 6 key, I get a carrot!
3^3 = 27
by Malignant_Slurpee March 21, 2004
An orange vegetable commonly used to stick up someone's asshole.
On prom night, after Bailey fell asleep, we stuck 7 carrots up her asshole, 1 away from the record thomas set last year.
by paulk6532 May 05, 2006
The little symbol used in proof-reading to correct something.
^add appostropie
J a n e s c a t i s s l e e p i n g.
by Daniel March 29, 2005
a vegie that get orange and big and hard and long and is in your pants
my your carrot is looking fine today
by 324873294 December 01, 2006

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