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If you do not know who Carrot is look up Sockmonger.
"The editor of Sockmonger is Carrot."
by CabbageTwoThousand March 24, 2007
A long lost race of cavemen who had orange hair and were named Eric. These cavemen were extincy because people beleived they looked like domesticated plants so they sprayed fertilizer all over them and ate them delightfully with no disregard of erics feelings sorry fuckface!
This is madness....NO!!! THIS IS "CARROT"
by blehblehh January 22, 2009
an orange vegetable that grows in the ground, tastes good when ripe
My favorite food is the carrot.
by Bugs Bunny April 02, 2003
The state in which a woman feels she will never have sex or that she is hating her life as a woman. So she will either proceed to use a carrot as a fake wang. Or she will just decide to have sex with the carrot.
1) Girl 1: "Man, I don't think I'll ever have sex." *runs to refrigerator for a carrot*

1) Girl 1: "I hate my life as a woman!"

Girl 2: "You wanna carrot?"
by HBanimeClan June 15, 2011
singular for carrots.
by AYB February 23, 2003
An extrememly hard penis that snaps like a carrot.
Oh no! Nico's penis got so hard, when I started beating him off it snapped...like a carrot!!!!!
by Whitey McCrackerington June 10, 2008
Plural for carrot.

Carrots are the roots of a dill-like plant which originated from what is now known as Afghanistan. The natural pigment of carrots are red, black, purple, white, and yellow. The familiar orange pigment is actually a Dutch hybrid of the red and yellow carrots.
The carrot cake my mom baked was absolutely delicious.
by AYB February 23, 2003