A healthy, low fat alternative to smack.
"I almost gave some money to a hobo the other day, but then I thought, he'll only spend it on smack, so I bought him a bag of carrots instead."
by ring_leader_uk May 14, 2009
A strong vegetable farmed in willy wonka's factory. He gets them from a select few of very strong Oompa Loompas that have dicks shaped like miniature chimichangas that are orange. They cut off their Peni and dry them out and give them to willy wonka. Then in four to six weeks they regenerate a new penis and the cycle starts again. Willy wonka then sends assloads of these Peni to Mexico where they are vastly distributed as carrots. Now you know the full truth about carrots. Also, ranch dressing is Oompa Loompa cum, and lettuce is their pubes. Carrot juice is shredded Oompa Loompa penis and carrot candies from china are mashed, melted, and refrozen Oompa Loompa peni.
Oh man! I accidentally ate a still-wet Oompa Loompa dick! It is really soggy! Carrots are lesbian food!
by Azsskater2 April 29, 2014
A Ginger dick.
She was really orange from all the carrots she's been eating.

She doesn't like fingers because all of the carrots she's been eating.
by LordMaher April 03, 2011
A person that is retarded, autistic, has down syndrome, and looks like a carrot.
Vincent is a carrot.
Arthur is a baby carrot and his brother Edward is a moldy mushroom.
via giphy
by 140150 June 21, 2016
What Bruno Mars Hooligan fans call his penis
There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it
by Hooligan JB April 11, 2015
An orange veggie that all our parents made us eat as children telling us that it will help us see in the dark.
Child: "Mum, i'm done with dinner"
Mom: "Did you eat your carrots?"
Child: "No i dont like them."
Mom: "The will help you see in the dark."
Child: *jaw drops and shovels carrots into his/her mouth.*
by littlethinker May 14, 2013
the word carrot is an unusual word but in the land of essex this word is used to cover up another word which is very bad. carrot stands cunt
bro your such a carrot
by carrotkicker October 24, 2014
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