fans of one direction who are too naive and take everything that they boys jokes about literally
they dwell on the comments of youtube videos, twitter and occasionally the awful tumblr blog
"i dont use spoons because liam hates spoons"


"they're all straight"
by idkme November 01, 2012
The term carrots is derived from the expression 'noice carrots' which is used to describe something as very good. In turn the word carrots can also be used to describe somethin which is good but not exceptional. Carrots can also be used as a reply when something is recieved i.e instead of saying 'Thank You' you would say 'Carrots'. Carrots can also be used to describe something that is funny i.e that joke was carrots. To sum up 'Carrots' is a term used to describe positive things that make you/others happy.
Tick: did you just see that horse fall over?
Ho: Haha yeah that was carrots!
by hoeylad November 11, 2010
A type of vegetable that is orange, long and gets narrow and ends with a tip and if you eat them you can see in the dark.
sam:"this vegetable is orange"
greg: "yes it is sam"
sam: "what is it?"
greg: "it is a carrot"
by sare_xx December 15, 2008
An orange vegetable commonly used to stick up someone's asshole.
On prom night, after Bailey fell asleep, we stuck 7 carrots up her asshole, 1 away from the record thomas set last year.
by b-rett62436 April 24, 2006
A alpha male of any decent or nationality who has large muscles, wears shirts that are 2 sizes too small, wears excessive amounts of cologne and has a small car to make the carrot look big and buff. Carrots can be found in parks and in gyms attempting to seduce unsuspecting female joggers with carrot-like pick up lines, like "Can I keep pace with you"
OMG I just saw a carrot fight ... they were both going for the door at the same time and stared each other down until the baby carrot let the bigger carrot open the door.
by Nicole & Lauren April 18, 2010
A bogan/skezzy who piles on foundation and fake tan like there's no tomorrow. When a punk skezzy and a carrot skezzy breed, they give birth to an Emo Carrot Skezzy, who grazes schools and local malls in ugg boots, denim short shorts, orange faces and heavy black eyes. They normally have crusty bleach-blonde hair as well.
Gosh! Janice is such a carrot! She had the fake tan all over her hands, too! Not to mention some OTHER substance...
by Jobana K March 08, 2008
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