The best idea for any halloween costume.
Hey! Mary Joe, you want dip for your carrot.
by Tim Oyen November 11, 2003
Top Definition
Fans of One Direction who are typically under the age of 13 and still think that stupid, over used jokes are funny and use them on a daily basis. In public.
Carrot: I dont eat with spoons cause Liam doesnt!!!!!!1! VAS HAPPENIN! I eat carrots!!!11!
Me: Please shut up.
#one direction #louis tomlinson #niall horan #zayn malik #liam payne #harry styles #carrots #noobs
by WaddupMyBrotha August 09, 2012
The annoying directioners. Normally between the ages of 8-12. A new directioner. A directioner who has just entered the fandom and feels as if they have to connect everyday words to one direction. Normal directioners will just ignore the use of the word "pussy" but carrots will automatically be like "ermahgerd hazza1!!1!!"
Girl 1: here's a spoon for your soup
Girl 2: oh my god Karen, you're so stupid, I can't use a spoon! Liam has a fear of spoons so I do to
Girl 1: stop being such a carrot
#carrot #directioner #belieber #one direction #directionator
by tinaghevondian May 27, 2013
a vegetable, one of several that make for an excellent "penis". Available in various lengths and circumferences. Some have enticing "bumpies" on them for extra stimulation. Best washed and dried before use (who knows where they've been !) Similar to zuchini, cucumbers,leeks.
When she has to come home alone on Saturday night, she cozies up to her vegetable bin and chooses her mate from among the cucumbers, zuchini, carrots and leeks.
by Jake February 25, 2004
A cheap, healthy, edible dildo of the vegetable class. Tastes nice in stews or raw. Looks orange and tastes carroty.
"We had beef stew with carrot in it this evening. I enjoyed eating the carrot very much as I had seen it being rubbed in and out of my wife's fud."
#dildo #carrot #carot #food #vegetable
by bobwentpop November 27, 2007
What makes women beautiful. If you dont believe me, ask Louis Tomlinson.
Liam: What makes a girl beautiful?
Louis: ....Carrots!!!!!!!
#carrots #louis tomlinson #one direction #sexy #carrotboy
by SOME AWESOME DIRECTIONER. December 14, 2011
A orange vegatable that are rich in vitamin K (good for your eyes, I think)
and is used as a dildo,
and used to teach naive girls how to give BJs.
Carrots may be good for your eyes, but they have many other uses.
by emma February 26, 2005
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