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The act of hugging or embracing in an intertwined manner, like two carrots that have grown together.
There they go... carroting again!
I want to carrot you!
I feel like carroting.
Let's carrot!
by Hippygoth November 15, 2012
The act of sticking a carrot up someones ass.
Jay loves carroting his boyfriend.
by jaylovescarrots January 07, 2010
The art of becoming a carrot.
Johnny took a selfie of himself and Mark Carroting. It was amazing.
by Cohn Jelly September 14, 2014
placing carrots with over dried weed.
Damn it, this weed taste like a carrot. Jeff must have done some carroting on this shit.
by spoof720 July 15, 2013
The fine art of throwing canoes at old ladies and see how many it takes for them to say FUCK OFF!!!!
Johnny was a great at carroting.
by Captain Tuckshop November 22, 2006

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