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Community college that is filled with failures and those who are expecting to go no where in life.

You may want to enroll in this school if you:

1. Smoke alot of weed
2. Think smoking weed is more important than anything else.
3. Mow Lawns for primary income
4. Failed out of WVU
5. If you don't know english
6. If you live in a trailer
7. Your parents don't love you
8. If your from South Carroll High
9. You just couldn't make it through career and tech
10. Your girlfriend is pregnant.
Yeah i got arrested for public intoxication, got my gf preggo, failed out of school, my parents stopped talking to me, so i mow lawns for money for the child support and now i got to carroll community college.
by sourtaint180 July 22, 2010
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