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• Of or belonging to the class or group who does something stupid, and blames everyone else.

• Using a Double Standard to a remarkably comical extent.

• Unsurpassed magnitude and frequency of douchbaggedness.
• It is Carrivean to go into your neighbor’s house, uninvited, without permissions when the neighbors are known to be out, and be upset at the neighbor for being mad about it. “I helped them with the house fire. That should allow me to trespass.”
• It is Carrivean to complain repeatedly that people speed on your street, but then do reckless brake stands on the same street, “I light up my tires on my street, but I can do that because I used to race Corvettes.”
• It is Carrivean to send a mass email with CC rather than BCC, and be mad that someone replied to all. “I messed up, but you’re responsible.”
• It is Carrivean to constantly wine about folks talking on a cell phone while driving, and then admit to driving drunk regularly. “When I drive on the shoulder, I’d turn left. When I drive on the median I’d turn right. Hahaha.”
by markfromberg June 19, 2013
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