The smartest person in the entire world and retains much random information but also has a major dark side. Is normally very nerdy and especially likes harry potter. Also known as horcrux. Normally has dirty-blond hair and is relatively short.
G1: Did you see that girl over there with the books and the dark mark?

G2: Yeah! What a Carrie!
by an innocent passerby April 26, 2011
A crazy ass girl that ruins lives. She is the devil in plain clothes.
Man, did you hear about Dan's girl, she is so fucking Carrie.
by 4DRSLPR January 01, 2015
Is known for always having a guy by her side and wants a lot of attention she never can keep a promise.and she looses her virginity at a young age.shes also known for thinking shes perfect
She acts so carrie.
by cadhsndh May 10, 2015
a girl that looks like a singer
look, that carrie girl looks like karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs
by dc1990 May 26, 2010
Heartless bitch. Will stab you in the back the first chance she gets. Is the worst friend and fuck buddy.
Girl 1: Have you seen Carrie today?
Girl 2: She is probably being a slut under the stairwell again.
by Ryder Diamond January 22, 2015
An overweight, yet voluptuous man or woman of African Or African American heritage.
Guy 1: "Dude, I was driving down the highway, and a carrie on a motorcycle drove by. She had on tight purple pants and a gold helmet! As if it couldn't get any better, she pulled into KFC for a late night snack!"

Guy 2: "No way. haha. You should've pulled in. You could've scored her number!"
by Davewithextrahcheese August 18, 2010
Usually slutty, dresses VERY inappropriately, looks like she just came out of a bush, smells like a sewer or a dog, swallows more semen than the Bermuda Triangle. Spend's most of her spare time sleeping with men she picks up on her corner charging different prices for her STD's. She's is the kinda girl who doesn't know how to say no to people. Usually chewing gum to hide the dick and the semen which is on her breath
Person 1 : She's such a whore
Person 2 : NO, she's more of a Carrie
by Zeelok February 16, 2014

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