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A group of 6 girls who all live/have lived in Carriage Hills, who have known each other since...forever.

Also called "the Posse".

They are:
and Sammie, who does not have a cool nickname and lives in Nigeria.

Ray-Ray and Smitherings started it with their friendship since the ages of either 3 or 4. They were then made into the Original Trio when TNT joined forces with them around kindergarden. Celesticles joined with her friendship to Smitherings in the first grade and has been there ever since. Even though there was the big fight between her and TNT in either 3rd or 4th grade, they are now best friends. Jadeypadey and Sammie both joined in 3rd grade when they were both in Smitherings and Celesticles class. Jadeypadey and Celesticles live across the street from one another.

The Posse was really official in the 7th grade with the start of Tradition, which was then going to Sonic every Friday. However, over the years, it has progressed into going to Wendy's and Wal-Mart every Friday.

Sammie moved to Nigeria on August 1st of 2006, but she has not been expelled from the Posse. She will be returning.
"Yeah, my friends are the best. They're the Carriage Hills Kids :D"
by Ray-Ray!!!!!!!!!!!! March 27, 2007
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