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This is what the Wireless Blackberry users will get if they type too much on their blackberry. Disease of the thumbs and median nerve around the thumbs similar to that of Carpal Tunnel.

I have Carpal Thumbel from typing too much on my wireless blackberry.
by Ginger Owens December 08, 2005
A condition resulting from excessive text messaging or use of a PDA keyboard. Symptoms range from stiffness to a complete inability to bend your thumb(s). Long term effects may include hitchhiking paralysis.
Mom, I can’t take out the trash because my Carpal Thumbel is acting up again.
by Carpal Everything April 11, 2008
The exact same thing as carpal tunnel, but in the thumbs from texting.
My thumbs feel as though I have carpal thumbel.
by Father Nature December 01, 2009
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