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Carolyn-Ann is a very smart independent girl. She is very private and shy at first. She is scared of most things. She has a tendency to not let people in and be afraid of trust. She has probably been hurt many times. She loves and cares for no one except one. If she says she loves you she means it. She is very funny. She is an amazing friend and has beyond beautiful eyes. She has a perfect smile. And she is loved by many. She is friendly to everyone and isn't afraid to speak her mind. If you hurt her she will never forget it and you WILL regret it. If she says she trusts you...don't ruin that. And you would be lucky to know someone like her because she is honest and happy. She may be afraid to show you who she really is at first but you will fine out if you get close to her. An once you fall for her good luck trying to stop because she is so beautiful words can't even describe. She i shy an modest. And very weird. She is very athletic and pushes herself way to hard. She is scared to let you in for good reasons. Sye try's he best to please everyone and she never put herself first. She has an amazing story and is just waiting to let someone listen.
Beautiful Carolyn-Ann
by Number42 November 10, 2012
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