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Either the most beauteous gal in the land or an oily scraggly skinny hippie tree-huggin thing. Regardless of the beauty, most all Carolyns have the tendency to be what most people believe as weird. And once you take the time to really listen to her thoughts, one realizes THIS GIRL IS BRILLIANT!

Both types of Carolyns are strongly attracted to and talented in the arts; whether it be singing, dancing, performing, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, or musical instrument.
They also detest vulgarity, sloppy manners, and guys who wear their hats with the bill flat, and price tag/stickers still attached.

"Excuse me, but I'm busy creating a masterpiece."

"Your appalling lack of spelling and grammar is embarrassing"
by Sacie February 05, 2010
220 91
Carolyn is the most kind, beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, and fashionable girl ever. She always likes to know whats going on. Carolyns are the hottest girls on the planet. She's not tall neither short.
Guy 1: God man I love my new gf.
Guy 2: Is it a Carolyn?
Guy 1: YEAH!! How'd u know??

Guy 2: Carolyns are da bomb.
by Lilac smashy July 18, 2012
105 39
A large breasted female
Wow look at her. She is a carolyn, i want to moterboat that.
by jefferyeryeryeryeryery March 17, 2008
374 347
French name for Freedom which could also translate to Carolina in an English matter. The Carolyns are soo popular now that my name is carolyn and my full name means Freedom Saint!
Let us have Carolyn!
by Cea Sunshine December 08, 2011
26 24
girl in my health class with braces and a nice ass
damn carolyn
by koolmann February 12, 2013
8 12
A girl who usually is on the fatter side, and loves twinkies.
Dayyum, have you seen that girl
Yeah shes a carolyn
by Magkooks March 07, 2011
24 131
When you are reaching climax, in your females mouth, your load gags her and she throws up on your member.
Things were going great but then she accidently gave me a Carolyn.
by Handsomejohnson August 31, 2010
24 151