A really pretty girl who is cool and likes to skateboard!
Kaila: Yeah did you see that new girl skateboard?
Sonya:Yeah, she's just like a caroline or something!!
by Jordan Mitchell June 06, 2005
The act of Demolishing Testicles
(Man 1) Blackest Al totally got Carolined last night!
(Man 2) Really?
(Man 1) Yeah, I heard he had to go to the hospital
(Man 2) Ohh My GOD!
(Man 1) Yeah, TWICE!
by Willie Billups April 13, 2010
A name. It's nothing more. You can be a bitch or ugly and not have the name caroline, just like you can be pretty or smart and not have the name caroline.
"Hey, Caroline."
"Caroline was such a jerk today!"
"Caroline, could you help me with my homework?"
"Hey mom, what time is Aunt Caroline getting here?"
"Caroline and Sam are working together on their Science product."
"People need to stop being such whiney bitches about the name Caroline, and actually tell the person they don't like them instead of being a fucking ninny and just posting on the internet. No one cares about you're fucking problems with the name 'Caroline'. Some people actually want to know the origin of the name."
by Batman32096 March 31, 2010
v. to run at and/or tackle a (much) taller opponent and bring them down. Opposite of clothesline (v.)

tenses: carolined, carolining, etc.
She was so short I couldn't see her coming! Didn't know what hit me til I was down.
Sounds like she carolined you.
by intheZenArcade January 18, 2011
A girl covered in tattoos.
Jena: "Wow, Caroline has a lot of tattoos."
Naomi: "Yeah, she looks like a Caroline."
by CarolineNo November 04, 2011
The girl that steals friends, and everyone pretends to be her friend, but on the inside they think she is a bitch.
Caroline: Hey guys, omgzyz, I love that top!
girl: Aww, thanks so much!!!
(caroline leaves)
Girl: What a bitch!
by Hedone G. January 12, 2012
Wow that girl is such a Caroline...

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