The trippy intro to a song. Made popular by the stoner crowd of decatur, atlanta.
Hey Todd! Check this carolina.

Yeea boi! Turn that shit up.
by Bruce the goose November 17, 2007
A girl with nice TAN BIG SEXY HUGE TITS !!!!!! i mean the huge ones!!! she has a nice ass too and she is always the center of attention, she has BIG BOOBS!!
she is deffinetly a carolina!!
by weiner walt May 29, 2011
The University of North Carolina. This does NOT and will NEVER refer to the University of South Carolina.
Where do you go to school? Oh--I'm sorry. I go to Carolina.
by L Patrick B December 01, 2006
1.) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Being the first public school in the nation, the first school in the Carolinas, and being in North Carolina (the original Carolina Colony), it was given the nickname and has been referred to as Carolina ever since. The schools officially licensed color is Carolina Blue.

2.) The state of North Carolina. NC was originally just Carolina before it expanded South. Then the southern half of Carolina broke away to form South Carolina. Carolina then later became a state and changed its name to North Carolina.

3.) Lastly it refers to the combined states of North and South Carolina.
Can't wait to watch Carolina play Clemson in the ACC championship! The Tigers are top rated but the Tar Heels should put up a fight.
by Carolina Blue 252 May 19, 2016
I love my chicken- cluck, cluck, cluck. You touch my chicken I beat you up!
Dude, she was being such a Carolina.. just because I touched her chicken.
by BoomBoomPow187 June 16, 2011
The University of North Carolina. This does NOT and will NEVER refer to the University of South Carolina.
Where do you go to school? Oh--I'm sorry. I go to Carolina.
by Mr Burrows December 01, 2006
A girl who enjoys a cold glass of lemonade while reading Ernest Hemingway on her grandaddys porch. She is someone who feels classy while ice skating beacuse of the long glides she takes. When she smokes out in her garage she likes the feeling of her dogs fur against her face. Sometimes she has a weird reaction to certain things and reacts by twitching and making strange grunting noises, which can be very attractive. She belives that almost anything can be solved with come glitter and a few advil's. When her Marc Jacob sunglasses get dirty she will lick them clean because she doesnt like to waste water. She also plays an active part in her community by paying the mexican with a cleft lift money for the tasty oranges he sells by the road. On Sunday mornings you can probably find her eating a bagel and lox at the local cafe, even though that is usually a weird thing for her kind to do. When she is older she will be a part time drug dealer, who will eventually get her teaching credential, then travel around the world with her best friend. She will marry a black hippie with dreds and who will always wear a cowboy hat and talk about politics with her. He will not vote for Obama, but for Hillary, which is a rare thing to find. When Oprah's time has come her life will partially be fuffilled and from that point on she knows life will be good.
She will always be fabulous and nothing less.
Grandaddy: Why do I hear the rocking chair sqeeking again?
Guadalupe: Carolina's reading out on the porch again.
Grandaddy: Dammit!
by jackdanielswhiskey March 22, 2008
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