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She is the most gorgeous woman in the world! She is amazingly awesome, funny, sexy, intelligent, caring, loving, hot, beautiful, always fun to be around, pretty, and the most wonderful girlfriend in the world! The woman that you wanna spend the rest of your life with. Not to mention, she is the sexiest woman in the world and everyone wants to be with her and any guy would be lucky to.
This weekend was the greatest of my life. I got with Carolina!

Carolina is so sexy!

Carolina is a hottie with a body!

I love you Carolina!!!!

That girl, Caroline? Yeah, she's incredible.

Walking down hallway*

Carolina: Hey guys

Guys: *faint*

Your lookin' Caroline today.
by lalaland000 March 26, 2013
7 4
A name meaning "Strong woman" or "beautiful woman" and sometimes "proud leader", a feminine version of the name Charles.
Quite often shortened to Caz or Caro.
Carolina? She'll change the world some day.
by everybody01010 March 26, 2013
69 30
A girl who speaks her mind and doesn't take shit. She'll tell it like it is and be be straight up with you. She's pretty and sweet and has blue eyes that are easy to get lost in. You'll fall hard for her and when she says she loves you she means it. She's pretty, smart and classy and any guy would be lucky to have her.
I wish I could get with Carolina!
by 687outthere March 26, 2013
65 29
A girl who puts her friends above all, someone who truley knows the meaning of friendship. She will be with you untill the end and stay by your side throw thick and or thin. The love of a true friend, a Carolina, is the blessing of life.

Possibly the most beautiful girl in the world, inside and out.
Carolina is so amazing!
by mystery1583 March 26, 2013
37 7
This name is usually given to only the most beautiful girls. Carolinas have the sexiest body and are really flexible ;) They have long gorgeous hair. All the girls want to be her, and all the guys want her. She makes an amazing girlfriend and even better wife.
Carolina, will you marry me?
by babam9683 March 26, 2013
17 7
The definition of sexy.
You must be a Carolina!
by lalaland000 March 26, 2013
15 5
The sweetest, most caring girl you will ever meet. She is mostly quiet. She is smart and funny and is usually happy, but she worries sometimes. Can sometimes be shy, but can beautifuly preset herself at her chance. If she says she loves you, she means it from the bottom of her heart and will do absolutely do anything for you. She will do whatever to make you happy, even though if it means she's getting hurt in the end she'll do it. She is the greatest friend you could ever have, she's there when you need her and will never hesitate to go out of her way for you. She's fragile though, known to break down easily even though she rarely shows it. She feels lost in her life cause nobody understands her. She wishes her life was different. She's loves the miserability cause she's used to it. Although her life is fucked up, she has beauty and brains. Love her and she will love you back. However, if you mess with her in any way, she will make sure you get it back twice as bad. She is rarely ever a bitch unless you give her a good reason to be. If you have one in your life, she is special and unique, don't let her go. She's one to hold onto.
Carolina is so quietly nice.
by lolly.sparks February 12, 2014
11 2
A girl with nice TAN BIG SEXY HUGE TITS !!!!!! i mean the huge ones!!! she has a nice ass too and she is always the center of attention, she has BIG BOOBS!!
she is deffinetly a carolina!!
by weiner walt May 29, 2011
83 74