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1. A friend, who after leaving the bar, volunteers to ensure that your hood doesn't fly up and obstruct your vision, by sitting, laying, or otherwise sprawling himself across the hood for the entire ride back to the house.

2. Any unknown organic material, such as flesh, hair, teeth, a human body, or other, which is found stuck to the grill of your vehicle after a hard night of partying.
1. Tony and Robbie forgot the hood was unlatched when they spun out of peewee's bar, so Robbie had to be the Carolina Hood Ornament all the way home after the hood flew up and they were unable to shut it.

2. Ralph was surprised to find a Carolina Hood Ornament on his dad's car on Saturday morning, and had to bury it in the neighbor's backyard before anyone found out.
by Slick and Slow December 01, 2009
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