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This fine lady has the biggest, kindest heart and the most genuine personality. She is sporty, artistic and an absolute beauty. She has legs as long as her name and she's a sexy sexy biatch.
"Carole-Anne is awesome!"

"ya, pretty much"
by ott22 February 03, 2010
usually blonde , good kisser , has big tits , really hot , has a ba donk a dork , can carry her alcohol , great personality, looks good in a swim suit , is a hard ass when it comes to fighting , and is very sexual
caroleanne looks so hot in that swim suit
by JohnChronic&Sara September 13, 2011
with an amazing hair-trigger, this self-aggrandizing know-it-all is quick tempered and eager to argue the most inane detail into eternity, often using faulty information.
She was so tedious and overbearing, a true Carole-Anne!
by tkk2s February 05, 2010
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