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Carnevil was a man who was famous for being the first person to be called Carnbarn.

The reason was that he was a 300 pound Momma's boy who lived in his mom's basement well over the age of 30 and had the screen name Carnevil. His mom kept mistaking the "evil" part of his name for "barn" and called him Carnbarn one day while he was in a voice chat with his friends.
Carnevil: Mom! I told you, my name is Carn "Evil" not Carn "Barn"!
Carnevil's Friends: Hey Carnbarn, did your mom make you some cookies?
by Thaytah September 05, 2009

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One who is not fat.
Damn, dat dawg be a carnevil! Tight!
by Anonymous May 01, 2003