A bunch of rich kids that think they are cool because they go to a catholic school and have a cross shoved up their ass. they recruit athletes from lake county so they can get atention for being "good at sports". they also seem to jerk off over their football team beating Libertyville high school every year and take the game way to seriously. the school is filled with whores and wanabe stoners that brag that they smoked weed once. if you want a STD and brag about stupid sports shit that nobody cares about, Carmel Catholic is the place for you!
Carmel Catholic High School kid: Dude we beat you guys in football!!!! Holy @#%!

Lhs kid: Good job bro want a medal? or some tissue for that mess you just made?
by lolz416 January 19, 2011
Top Definition
A place where all the coolest people hang out/always beats LHS in football/where freshman are whores and sluts/have the best poms squad/the uniforms are sexy/knee socks are the only form of self expression
Carmel Catholic High School guy: Do you see those girls over there? yep there on poms at carmel...definitely not cheerleaders
Wow those girls knee socks are sooooo JUICY
by hotguy233 February 19, 2010
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