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creating a carmel apple requires a man to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman while she is menstruating. Before ejaculating the male removes his phallus from the vagina and then without wiping off the blood he inserts his phallus in the anus, to cover it with a "carmel coating." After, the man inserts his penis to the females mouth.
Dude I made the best carmel apple the other day, and Sally actually ate it!!!
by laysiege June 23, 2010
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the sexual act involving a prosthetic leg and melted carmel. While boning the amputee, remove the prosthesis, ram it into your partners ass and pour carmel on their head. One variation is the "Pirate's Carmel Apple." In this permutation, immediately after turning your partner into a carmel apple you shout "Harrrrrr!!!!" like a pirate in honor of your partner's peg leg.
I was boning Heather Mills when I pulled off her fake leg, rammed it into her ass, and poured carmel over her head. She wasn't too keen on being a Carmel Apple.
by Turde Ferguson October 04, 2009
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A female's big booty shaped like a apple, known as a "applebottom", that is the shade of carmel. Mostly common with big bootied light-skinned black or latino girls
"Vida Guerra has a thick carmel apple mmmmmmm!"
by Antonio Daniels July 10, 2008
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A Carmel Apple is when you're doing anal & when you finish & you pull out covered in a brown glaze.
I just got a Carmel Apple and it wasn't savory kind.
by AGamb1e January 12, 2016
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A carmel apple is when a couple is having anal sex and the penetrator, inside the butt of the penetratee, whirls around the object or body part used to penetrate until a large brown ball of 'carmel' is formed. This 'treat' is then fed to the penetratee.
Billy fed Betty a huge carmel apple.
by the DH December 07, 2004
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When a man dips his balls in caramel,and teabags a woman.(Better if hot caramel)
Jane almost burnt her mouth,and jack almost burnt his balls,when they were engaged in the Carmel apple.
by John Houghtaling April 14, 2007
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When you take your sweaty balls by the sack, forming an apple, and placing them on someones shoulder or forehead in an aggressive manner.
I just gave gavin a carmel apple.
by The Beave September 21, 2004
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