A girl who's beyond beautiful and gets along with everyone she comes in contact with. She has many friends and is a very modest girl. Everyone who meets her ends up adoring her, and is eager to be her friend or date her. She's very nice and she'd do anything to help anyone in peril. She's a gift from God to the entire world, and anyone who meets her is truly blessed. Loved by everyone, hated by none. She's overly cute, and very attractive. But, she doesn't know it because she's too modest. She's very outgoing, and very active. You're lucky if you can keep up with her. She also has great knowledge, and makes you feel stupid, but you'll forget how stupid you are after you look at her cute face, which is bearing a beautiful smile. You are the shit, if you know a Carly.
Dude.. Who's that chick over there?
Oh, that's my girlfriend Carly , be jealous.

Person 1: Hey Carly you wanna be my fr-

by Lookass June 24, 2011
a super white girl with blonde hair. wears too much makeup. funny occasionally, and clingy to guys she likes. usually like guys by the name of nick or max, or other white guy names like that.
OMG Look at that carly, she matches her t-shirt!!
by terwerver April 22, 2011
The manliest woman you may ever meet. Dark mustache, pointy boobed, and deadly breath. Can not take a joke. Thinks she can play sports, but is really growing a pouch from all the potato chips she puts down. Extremely deep voice, and a shade up from albino. Extremely hairy and thinks she has friends. Her best friend is a dog. Hasn't had a boyfriend since the K5. Described in one word- gross
Guy- 'remember that one girl I told you about, that I was talking to on online dating?'
Girl- 'yeah why?'
Guy- 'well I finally met her in person and she is a total carly'
Girl- 'wow I am so sorry'
by Meganbabayy(; June 17, 2011
carly is beautiful, but smelly.
some call her the farting queen.
she poops and farts in public.
of course that was carly that just let that one rip
by rooms232323 December 14, 2010
1. Someone who tells others they have something important to say, and usually forgets immediately.
2. Someone who goes for long periods of time without brushing their hair.
3. Usually blonde, stupid, ridiculously foxy, and all the boys in the world want her.
"Dayummm, I just pulled a Carly!"
"You forgot, again!?"
"Not only that, but I also didn't brush my hair this morning!"
by KRISTEN AdayummmEK :) January 11, 2009
a retard
teacher: "what is 2+2?"
kid:"uhhh... 7?"
teacher:"no wonder your name is carly"
by olowakandi June 29, 2009
someone who is a slut, ugly and a rude person who cant get the hint. someone that thinks that its all about her. someone that dates man for there money.
carly should stop talking its not all about her.
by tootrue44 August 05, 2009
1. A chain smoker
2. A human chimney
OMG that girl is such a Carly
by Ritchizzle February 02, 2007

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