A funny mexican that makes racial jokes and also uses the term DEE-DEE-DEE for fun and comedy. Star of his own show Mind of Mencia. Then people get so fucking uptight and be complete asswipes over a few jokes. Just deal with it.
Guy 1: Carlos Mencia made a bad joke about mexicans doing anything for money. I'm going to act like a dumbass a post on this site that hes stupid and he makes horrible comedy shows.

Guy 2: Get over it you fucking retard, WHO CARES?!
by Spazzzer93 July 31, 2006
a talented comedian who is funny as hell,and for all the assholes that say hes un american. Watch his show "No Strings Attached" He explains why were in a great country.And sure he may have nothin but racial jokes,but their fuckin funny.And for all of u that don't like him, fuck all of you bitches
Carlos Mencia is ONE of the greatest comedians ever.
by gnr January 22, 2007
Owner of the Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia". A very funny show, however most people believe that since he sticks close to the jokes he does best, he is an old act, stupid, racist, and is a downright "fucker", which he is not, but it is the people who say this that are the fuckers, as they decided to flame a comedian they probably saw once or twice.

Carlos Mencia picks upon race jokes and social status for his prime material. Famous for his "Dee dee dee" line which means "Moronic" "Retarded" and amongst other degrading names..

Guy:Did you see mind of mencia last night? That Carlos Mencia is hilarious.

'Tard(Billy): Well i think his bag of race jokes is MEAN and stupid, outdated and...err...poopy.

Teacher: Billy, here is your social studies grade, math grade, science grade, L.A. grade, and humor grade. All were an F.

Guy: Boy billy, you sure are DEE DEE DEE!
by TassadarMan September 03, 2006
a comedian hes ok but its stuff we've heard before, and wtf chinagirl, he IS mexican, his mother is mexican and his father is from honduras
carlos mencia was right when he said "so muslims are mad because their prophet was depicted as violent, so what do they do to protest? blow stuff up"
by alex14 July 26, 2006
A really funny comedian because he says things that other comedians are too afraid to mention. People need to learn to not be so sensitive. Ever heard of freedom of speech? If you really hate him, pick up your remote and turn off your tv. You're not being forced to listen to him. If enough people don't like him he'll be out of business so don't bitch do something else. Most of the things he saids are true but i do admit he does have his flaws and he saids pretty stupid things sometimes but overall he is very funny. I think Platoon is a horrible movie while most of my friends think im an idiot but i don't bitch about it all the time like you people are. Do us all a favor and just don't talk about it because that is exactly what he wants and what is fueling of people liking him. Just like the Da Vinci Code.
Person 1: Hey, I HATE Carlos Mencia. Whatever you do DONT watch him.

Person 2:Uhhhhhh,ok but im going to eventually since you won't shut up about it.
by Nicholas Coppola July 02, 2006
A crass, hispanic comedian. He has been called a racist, a spick,an unamerican, an insult to mexicans( or the "politically correct" hispanic), and has recieved death threats. But you know what...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Carlos Mencia is a funny comedian who recently got a show on Comedy Central calle "Mind of Mencia", showcasing his ability to be completely and brutally honest about the strange new world around him called america.
Did you see Mind of Mencia last night? It was funny!
Friend: I'm mexican dumbass. That guy aint funny.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 13, 2005
A talented Latino comedian known for his jokes about race and handicaps who is not appreciated by most because of the stick they have stuck up their ass.
I saw Carlos Mencia and laughed so hard I shit my pants.
by FunLovingMexican July 14, 2006

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