A one-shtick, fat, moronic "comedian". If Comedy Central outlawed the use of the phrase "DE DA DE", he would be mowing people's lawns where he belongs.
I think Carlos Mencia is funny, so I probably have Autism.
by SmellyBaptist September 28, 2006
An ignorant someimes politically incorrect person who yells when he gets excited. He is so lame. He looks like East LA trash.
Carlos Mencia is so lame. He sucks and he doesn't make me laugh.
by G.Davis November 19, 2006
A no talent hack of a comedian who's considered 'edgy' by only himself. His name isnt Carlos, and he isnt Mexican, but FULL fag. He does material that hasn't been funny in years, or is more funny done by the ORIGINAL comedian who he stole it from.
Did u see my shit last night, it was almost as big a shit as carlos mencia
by jwka2001 March 30, 2009
A fat wanna be rascist that tries to ride chapelles would be time slot with stupid punchlines and inane sketches. someone who irritates everyone else
person #1: man look at that retarted son of a bitch over there trying desperately to be funny.

person #2: yeah what a carlos mencia
by aaron12412 September 13, 2005
A stand up comedian who is very racist. He has a show on Comedy Central called the Mind of Mencia. His jokes are almost all about mexicans. He makes it seem like he is Mexican all the time but he isnt. He is honduran. His catchphrase is dee-dee-dee.He is trying to be what Dave Chapelle was for the Chapelle show.He has been known to steal jokes from other comedians. He can be kind of funny sometimes though.
Hey,you stealing my jokes?!What are you Carlos Mencia?
by Mr. Brideson November 30, 2007
Joke Stealer...
According to George Lopez Joe Rogan and EVERY COMEDIAN OUT THERE.
half german half hoduran real name Ned Holtess
Carlos Mencia' (aka Ned Holtess) stupid "DUH DUH DUUUUUH!" catch prase will curse us all just like the "wasssuuuuup" fiasco of the late 90's
by Diego Mejia October 13, 2005
Carlos Mencia is a comedian who is both german and honduran, and changed his name to carlos mencia because it is obviously better to be latino than white. Also he swears to much no one can understand him, makes racial jokes and talks about how bad it is to be white or black or asian or any other race
Carlos Mencia: Man, fuck that shit man! Black people beaner white people Bitch Shit man! Asian mexican white trash. Arab people blow up shit man!
by dister May 19, 2009
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