A guy from Australia who is a douchbag, makes his girlfriend mad all the time but the angry make-up sex is great!
That bastard Carlos made me so angry yesterday but at least he nailed me good later that night to make up for it.
by MissGeekChic February 13, 2012
Hypermasculinity, a latin/hispanic stallion. One that will have you rolling around in bed with him before you learn how to roll the "R" in his name. God's gift to women. The quintessential stud.
" Carlos kept me up all night "

"wow no wonder you had that ridiculous smile on your face all day........ So, I assume your husband is out of town again?"
by cevichito June 12, 2012
A Puerto Rican man with a wicked sense of humor who is very full of himself, charming, but a little dense. He enjoys working out, particularly at CrossFit pumping gasoline and giggling like a girl. He also enjoys tea. Many women fall over him and he is kind to all of them, like Sultan and his harem.
Wow, that guy is a total Carlos! Did you see the way the women stare at him while he's lifting weights and drinking tea!
by Aloramon May 12, 2011
Is a short, single Portuguese intellectual with a beard...his mission in life is to mingle with Drs. This extremely charismatic man will seduce as many vulnerable females as he can...do be careful as Carlos will rip out your heart and soul!

Lambe cus
Stay away from him, he's a real Carlos!
by DoutoraMulaRussa August 06, 2011
Someone who thinks he is cooler than he acually is and makes up things to tell people that are not really funny
My friends Shane makes up Carlos to make himself seem cool, but he is gay.
by MadFunny February 21, 2012
Another word for box head and someone with low patience.
Man, that guy is a carlo.
by chick52105274 August 06, 2010
a teenage male, who was a great friend, likes to wrestle, has kissed a paige and an erin, has a downsyndrome dog named chewy, likes to eat bagles, could live off of chocolate covered espresso beans, only disney movie he has seen is mulan 2, always there whe you need him or for a good laugh. likes seeing penises on omegle. all the time.
"look at that kid whos really cool, he must be a carlo"
by lance&garret April 25, 2010

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