a guy who usually doesnt talk much, he dates a lot of girls and cant stick to just one.
that guy is a real carlos! he just broke up with that girl pamela yesterday and now is with angela!!
by jennaabermudes09236473 October 27, 2011
boy overly obssesed with boobs partying and popin mollys or any type of drug, he brags about partying or having a good time whenever he has the chance to.
YOU FUCKED THREE BITCHES LAST NIGHT!!!!? wow youre such a carlo!

dont touch my boobies! stop being such a carlo..
by federica maluma November 19, 2013
Raging queen with little ass and huge gapping hole
Carlos A skank that has had way way way too much sex

You were a fucking carlos last night
by calclerk July 14, 2011
The most amazing man in the world. He's kind, thoughtful, smart, chivalrous, and romantic. Tall, dark, and handsome, he's sexy and incredible in bed. Carlos is the man every girl dreams about, wants, and needs.
Every guy wants to be a Carlos.

She's so lucky, she's dating a Carlos!
by jessie63 January 02, 2013
The type of guy who is tall. Some are sweet,caring and loveable but not with everyone, there are certain people they show affection towards. They tend to put themselves down when in reality they are wonderful young man/man. People doubt them alot, but they do not care. Carlos is the type of guy that once he falls in love with a girl, he will stick with that chick forever!! He tends to show her that he is always fine because he does not want to worry her. Carlos' tend to have light brown eyes. And they are attracted to tall girls. Some of them love to play sports or some play video games. They are very undecided when it comes to making decisions and thinking about the future.
" that guy carlos is awesome"
by sexyiranian June 26, 2013
A gay kid that thinks hes cool but really not no ,life and gets no girls..... Stay away from them
stop talking wile your sucking my dick carlos
by BattierAxe March 01, 2015
Massive dickhead, total jerk, comes across as handsome but when you get to know him his a royal italian dick. He gets girls that he just meets because they dont know what he really is like. DO NOT EVER FALL FOR A GUY WITH ABS.
Person 1: "Oh that guy treats her like shit!"

Person 2:"Oh he must be a carlo"
by a.ffie November 19, 2014
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