A sexy,outgoing,brown eyed, smart,creative,funny,loving person that every one loves Carlos is a girls dream he will treat you like a queen Carlos will sweep you off your feet with his charming and cute way of talking this Latino king is a girls dream
Please I want carlos
by carlitos.rodriguez2001 January 03, 2015
carlos is...... well hes everything you could ever dream of in a guy. hes sweet, funny, caring, cute, he has a smile that will melt your heart and a laugh that you cant help but love. this boy is SEXY!! he has a body dont worry. he has the best eyes ever. you can get lost in his eyes and you wont mind not finding your way back. when he hugs you it feels like nothing bad will ever happen to you because he wont let anything happen. he makes you feel like your the only girl in the world and the only one for him. he is the object of my affection and the center of my attention. i love you Carlos!
girl 1 do you know carlos
girl 2 yeah
girl 1 isnt he just amazing!?!?!?!
girl 2 nothing can describe that boy
girl 1 ur right
by the grl u cant get enough of! October 18, 2011
A fairly average, but very nice guy. He is loved by everyone, though he rather spend time with his close friends. He loves to go out - not so much to go wild, but to have a good time. A Carlo will not be able to stand being at home for too long - he needs to be free! He does not like getting on people's bad sides, and will always give into an argument, obey authority figures such as his parents, and listen to the rules. Carlo is very trusting, and doesn't question anyone when they tell him something. He is quite innocent in nature.
I can't believe Carlo thinks that's the truth!
by DeandraAlexisN August 06, 2014
jenna's mustache
don't worry, carlos will be back in a few days
by lovermangenuis . April 18, 2011
A seemingly romantic, smart, caring, compassionate man who leads you to believe he will do nothing but love and care for you; But come to get sick and rather than sitting at your bedside feeding you chicken soup, he's in your guest house getting sexually physical with your best freind since the fourth grade.
No, it's over between us. Why? He was a Carlos.
by cJ. Maroon April 10, 2010
A know it all type of guy. You never know what he might say or do. He's very tall and handsome. Can sure brake a girl's heart, but the girls can't get enough of him because he just sweeps them of their feet. Ex-girlfriends' dream of him and have the feeling of getting back together, but… you never know what Carlos might do next.
by Ramonnn May 28, 2014
A guy who wears very tight shirts
damn dude can you breath in that shirt, don't tell me your a carlos now
by beckham28 April 04, 2011

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