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1. common latin name for a male

2. name seen associated with handsome men that appear to be quiet and unassuming; however, when given the appropriate opportunity, most Carlos's will rise to the occasion in the arena of sexual prowess and gratifying the needs of another. Although there are many Carlos's seen amongst the population, very few have realized the capacity their name bestows.
There is just something about that guy Carlos, he seems like someone who would know his way around a woman.
by usgirl78 September 11, 2011
Someone whose smile literally lights up the entire world. Everyone has the desire to be friends with him, and everyone wants to get to know him. Although everyone wants to, not many people know much about Carlo. If your one of the lucky ones who gets to know him personally you will realize he is one of the easiest people to love. He will grow on you everyday and you will soon realize he is one of the smartest down to earth people you will ever meet. Not only is he beyond perfect in his personality, but also in his looks. Honestly when you lay your eyes on him you will feel the need to rip not only his clothes off but yours as well. Carlo is the most amazing person you will ever get the chance to be around, with his inspiring potential, sense of humor, and loving ways. If you ever get the chance to be around him, never ever let him go because most likely he will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
See that boy with the biceps bigger than my head and that dazzling smile? Yeah, that's Carlo.
by ICE#5 June 21, 2013
a verb meaning, to pursue other guys girlfriends or wives. also called a bacon bandit.
From Mexico City, DF, Carlos Anorve aka The Macho Latin Lover, whose greatest claim was that he never slept with the same woman twice. Always tried to sleep with his friend's women.
Hey, don't Carlos that chick. That's Andrew's girlfriend, Joni.
by SCRhollywood February 03, 2010
Carlos is the perfect guy to have as a best friend. He's mostly attracted to girls with his same initial (C), he thinks he's a player but he's actually really nice. Good looking, uses vodka as a mind eraser, smart, and sweet are qualities that best describe a Carlos
#1: I wish I had a Carlos in my life
#2: Well.. Change your name to Camille then..
#1: Yeah, it's totally worth it!
by marina5432 May 16, 2011
A sexual eater known to lick his ketchup off his burger while thinking sexy thougths about his wifey. Caressing every crevice of the meat patty with his manly, muscular tongue, making sure no part is left unsatisfied.
dude. did you see that guy? he just ate it up like a carlos!
by mandn123 April 29, 2010
jenna's mustache
don't worry, carlos will be back in a few days
by lovermangenuis . April 18, 2011
A guy who wears very tight shirts
damn dude can you breath in that shirt, don't tell me your a carlos now
by beckham28 April 04, 2011