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A guy that doesn't know what he wants but likes to screw with other peoples mind by giving them affection, hopes and then taking it ALL away!!!
This guys does not know wnat he wants.
He's such a Carlos.
by lola90 February 11, 2010
The greatest, most awsome, amazing guy ever! He is the boy that is always a shoulder to lean on, but is not as strong as he comes on to be. A Carlos is always an amazing boyfriend thats in love with geometry, marshmellows and Tekken 6. A Carlos is has a small obsession with anime that not many people know about, and no matter who he's with, he always makes the lucky girls feel like a princess.
That guys Carlos is simply amazing...

You see that Carlos over there...id hit that...
by MRSCJACKR121 January 30, 2010
One of the sexiest half latino/ half european man you'll ever meet. He has gorgeous brown eyes and the most kissable lips. He is tall, dark and handsome. He is an indifferent, cold person to outsiders but to those close to him he is a passionate lover who will wrap you in his massive arms. An amazing spooner. He is secretly a dork who has an inner passion for anime and is a reckless adrenaline junkie. He knows how to treat his girl and pamper her like a princess. Sometimes being with a Carlos can be dysfunctional but in the end it's a happy relationship. The girl who marrys him will be the luckiest person in the whole world because he is one of a kind.
That girl is dating a Carlos what a lucky bitch.
That boy is tall, dark and handsome...what a Carlos
carlos + kathryn = happily ever after
by Kattylicious December 06, 2010
the act of ass fucking a hot blonde chick using your 7-9 inch penis.
Kendra: OMG! My boyfriend just did a Carlos on me last night.
Justine: Mmmmm..... Sexy! Can you have him do it to me?
Kendra: Sure...........
by xgenesis23 October 25, 2009
Achiever of the highest level in Wizard Sticks.. Supreme commander of rules and regulations.. bearer of the Hurricane Curse
Zach: I'm one level closer to Carlo status

Scott: It doesn't count if you cheat!
by kngdemnera February 03, 2010
any species of gorgeous Italian-Canadian male. The Carlo is irresistible to women, and occasionally to bisexual men who are Dominican Wankers. The Carlo can often be spotted at the gym, working on his ultra-fine physique, or jogging on the beach with his perfect buttocks. The Carlo usually mates with hot black chicks but may be tempted into the sack by an Eastern European whore.
Guuurrrl, don't you see that fine-ass Carlo over there? I'm as turned on as Rush Limbaugh at an all-you-can-eat buffet!
by Ngo Ham Lan April 27, 2011
Someone whose smile literally lights up the entire world. Everyone has the desire to be friends with him, and everyone wants to get to know him. Although everyone wants to, not many people know much about Carlo. If your one of the lucky ones who gets to know him personally you will realize he is one of the easiest people to love. He will grow on you everyday and you will soon realize he is one of the smartest down to earth people you will ever meet. Not only is he beyond perfect in his personality, but also in his looks. Honestly when you lay your eyes on him you will feel the need to rip not only his clothes off but yours as well. Carlo is the most amazing person you will ever get the chance to be around, with his inspiring potential, sense of humor, and loving ways. If you ever get the chance to be around him, never ever let him go because most likely he will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
See that boy with the biceps bigger than my head and that dazzling smile? Yeah, that's Carlo.
by ICE#5 June 21, 2013