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The most amazing person in the entire universe. Everything about him is perfect! He's charming, handsome, intelligent, strong, romantic, funny...everything you want in a guy. It's impossible not to fall in love with him! Once you lay eyes on him, you will know from that very moment that you will never stop loving him.
did you see carlo...damn that bitch is fine!
by Ivet September 27, 2010
412 177
a dildo; a thing to pleasure women
yo dawg i just found my chicks carlos.. nasty..
by bob March 17, 2005
1046 846
A SEXY MAN WHO GETS YOU REALLY TURNED ON, damn that carlos is ffiiiinnnnee
by panda 15 December 13, 2010
767 589
A huge penis 7 - 9 inches or even longer.......
Dude: Hey babe, check out my dick.....
Chick: OMG! It's a gigantic Carlos!!!
by CarloshazAbigDick November 12, 2009
473 342
The cutest, most amazing, sweet, caring, funny, spexy, moe, awesome guy who deserves to be loved so much that it would take at least 150 girls to love him THAT MUCH! He will usually be found with his nose inside a manga or a physics book, talking to friends or daydreaming. He will usually be in love with a character out of his favourite Anime, and almost worships Wolverine. He has gorgeously long raven hair and colour brown eyes, his skin would usually be tanned. A lovely, beautiful boy who has brains and emotions...
* He's reading a X-men Comic, and he's got a FullMetal Alchemist pocket watch! Oh My God! He is SO Carlos!

* That boy's hair is so beautiful, I just want to stroke it. And his eyes, they're like brown glass marbles! He is Such a Carlos! I want to ask him out!
*He's staring off into space again! He must be a Carlos!
by LilIrishDevil May 14, 2009
392 279
The most amazing friend you will ever have. Such a flirt and so fun to be around. Sexy latin voice and has the most beautiful eyes ever!!! You can never stay mad at a Carlos because they are just THAT amazing(; oh, and the El Salvadorian ones are even hotter!
I just can't help but love that Carlos!, I fell for him and I'm having a hard time getting back up!
by asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa January 10, 2011
216 121
1)to be a ledge, a leader a captain even, but have slight tendencies to flip and punch and headbutt walls and go a bit mentall!!!


2)sum1 who gets involved in banter

1)liam: he played well today but when that lad tackled him he flipped
luca: i no what a carlo!!!!1

2) danny: he gets involved in banter
lam:yh hes a bit of a carlo.
by liam smith February 18, 2008
184 108