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Carlos is the kind of guy that keeps you laughing all day long. He is the creative type. Carlos will help you out in any tough situation you manage to get yourself into. He is a very caring person that will do anything for you. He's the kind of person you can always count on.
Carlos, your the best!
by JB2488 November 25, 2012
The act of deficating unintentionaly, Self Excrement, To shit ones pants.
After eating that spicy pickle, I thought I was about to have a Carlos.


I hope I don't Carlos myself at work.
by pener15 March 25, 2010
Carlos: a hairy Mexican that likes to eat tacos and drink beer . He is also known for having a beard and trying to get chicks pregnant . He is also known for having a little penis
Girl: ew Carlos just tried to talk to me

Friend: he has a little penis and he smells like tacos don't talk to him

Boy: wassup
Girl: ew get away from me you Carlos
by g dolla sign June 22, 2014
The type of guy who is tall. Some are sweet,caring and loveable but not with everyone, there are certain people they show affection towards. They tend to put themselves down when in reality they are wonderful young man/man. People doubt them alot, but they do not care. Carlos is the type of guy that once he falls in love with a girl, he will stick with that chick forever!! He tends to show her that he is always fine because he does not want to worry her. Carlos' tend to have light brown eyes. And they are attracted to tall girls. Some of them love to play sports or some play video games. They are very undecided when it comes to making decisions and thinking about the future.
" that guy carlos is awesome"
by sexyiranian June 26, 2013
A Carlos is someone from Oregon that goes to Puerto Rico because he wants to be part of a college track team. It's half Mexican but looks kind of Chinese. A Carlos is a gentleman, someone sincere, trusting, unselfish, mature, optimistic, serious, realistic, playful, hard-working, generous, friendly, open minded, caring, loyal guy. He is ambitious and motivates others. Carlos may not be the guy from the Magic Mike movie, but damn he's sexy. He has nice abs, muscles, sexy butt and legs. His skin is so soft you'll not want to stop touching it, hugging and cuddle with him. And his lips, oh boy! His lips are better than cushions. People say human isn't perfect, but Carlos is closer to perfection than anyone else could possibly be. Carlos is more than HOTNESS!! Carlos is AMAZING!! Carlos is not a chaser, is a keeper!!

tags: sexy, loving, sweet, cheezy, strong, funny
I would spend my whole life with him if he were Carlos.
by AMO July 13, 2012
A man so talented and capable; he can handle any situation and reach any achievement. Likely an Aries. He is extremely intelligent and clever, and a little bit mysterious, someone you want to talk with for hours. He has the perfect sense of humor and optimistic attitude. He is so sexy, incredibly attractive, and even more amazing because he doesn’t seem to know he is. He has the body any other man would consider surgery to create, but he could never improve his no matter what he did. He is strong, forgiving and kind, and there is not a better feeling in the world than to be with him.
For so many reasons, Carlos is the love of my life.
by he13 February 13, 2012
A type of guy who wants girls for one thing, sex. These guys are usually douche bags who wear tank tops, backwards hats( Vans, Fox, Metal Mullisha, etc.), skinny or sometimes baggy jeans, or even board shorts, and heavily shaded glasses(Spy, Oakley, etc), sometimes tattoos. These guys are obsessed with personal appearance and work out for hours on a regular basis. Carlos' usually smoke cigarettes and drive American made cars thinking there the coolest shit ever. Carlos' treat their girlfriends like dirt but for some reason the girl still stays. Girls find Carlos' irresistible even though their assholes. Activities of a Carlos include, talking about or even fixing up cars, smoking cigarettes, getting drunk, working out, getting tattoos, and treating girlfriends like shit, but it's ok, girls like bad boys even though they deny it.
guy 1: damn! look at that girl! she's so hot! I would kill to date her!
guy 2: Pshh, yeah right, look at her boyfriend; bro's wearing a tank top, smoking a cigarette and checking out other chicks, fucking Carlos.

Girlfriend says to Carlos: oh babe, I love you!
Carlos: huh, oh yeah, love you too. *looks at girl passing him* damn look at that babe, she's fucking hot, I'd hit that!
*Girlfriend rolls eyes, and wraps her arms around his waist while he puffs away on another cancer stick*
by jkadafiffi August 18, 2011
boy overly obssesed with boobs partying and popin mollys or any type of drug, he brags about partying or having a good time whenever he has the chance to.
YOU FUCKED THREE BITCHES LAST NIGHT!!!!? wow youre such a carlo!

dont touch my boobies! stop being such a carlo..
by federica maluma November 19, 2013