The cutest, most amazing, sweet, caring, funny, spexy, moe, awesome guy who deserves to be loved so much that it would take at least 150 girls to love him THAT MUCH! He will usually be found with his nose inside a manga or a physics book, talking to friends or daydreaming. He will usually be in love with a character out of his favourite Anime, and almost worships Wolverine. He has gorgeously long raven hair and colour brown eyes, his skin would usually be tanned. A lovely, beautiful boy who has brains and emotions...
* He's reading a X-men Comic, and he's got a FullMetal Alchemist pocket watch! Oh My God! He is SO Carlos!

* That boy's hair is so beautiful, I just want to stroke it. And his eyes, they're like brown glass marbles! He is Such a Carlos! I want to ask him out!
*He's staring off into space again! He must be a Carlos!
by LilIrishDevil May 14, 2009
Top Definition
The Best Male Stripper In The World
Wow, he is Carlos! he is the best carlos ive ever met! i want carlos for my brithday!
by Donnis September 21, 2007
A sexy latin stallion who treats his woman like a princess. He is a man driven by passion, and love. He is a strong, compassionate romantic. A jack of all trades. Skillful and thought provoking. The man of any woman's dreams...
As he embraced me in his masculine arms, Carlos whispered into my ear, "Te quiero..." while we watched the sun slowly kiss the horizon.
by biohazrd May 27, 2009
one of the sweetest most handsome men you will ever meet. He's the type of person that any girl would be lucky to have. Great friend, sexy voice just the picture perfect TALL DARK AND HANDSOME man!!! Hails from Lima, Peru.
He's such a Carlos...I'm SO lucky to have him!
by =}~ February 07, 2008
somthing once u fall for......cant get away from no matter how stupid it may get.
CARLOS:- he made me fall for him, when he has no intention of catching me.
by sima931 April 21, 2008
The funnest, most outgoing guy in the world. Defined as a sexy latino with the cutest smile. A Carlos always has his hair in his eyes.
Have you seen that Carlos today? He's looking pretty sexy.
by Gringaaa May 06, 2009
a crazy guy who likes to get wild whether it be on the dance floor or in bed
who's that guy dancing over there? oh no... its carlo...
by Kayelle was here August 15, 2008
One whom pregnant females should avoid physical activities with.
"Stay away from that Carlos; he'll re-impregnate you!"
by the lone Cuban February 06, 2008
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