A great comedian who is not racist!! yes you heard correctly. He never said he hates a certain race, therefore hes not racist! All he does is stereotype and joke on other races that doesn't make him racist.He has the funniest show on comedy central.But he is not mexican he's from honuras and germany. Thats the only thing wrong with him, he denies his heritage and poses as a mexican.
Carlos mencia -
I saw a mexican that was that tall,and if that wasnt enough to say this guys a beaner, no he gets of a pick up truck thats has la virgin de guadalupe and a cow painted at the side of the door
by UnknownX February 25, 2006
Carlos Mencia, one of the most popular comedians in the country, has the rare gift of insightful perception and precise delivery when addressing a variety of subjects, including ethnic stereotypes, racism and people's inability to laugh at themselves. He represents the internal voice inside us and demands we admit to thinking what he says out loud.

Mencia is best known for his two solo HBO Specials, one of which received a CableACE Award nomination, and as host of the groundbreaking series, "Funny Is Funny" (Galavision). His first appearance on "The Tonight Show" received a standing ovation. His additional television credits include a recurring role in the animated series "The Proud Family" on the Disney Channel, as well as guest-starring roles on both "The Shield" and "The Bernie Mac Show." He starred in his own original half-hour special, "Comedy Central Presents Carlos Mencia," and been on CNBC's "Dennis Miller," ABC's "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher," HBO's "Loco Slam," "Comic Relief VI" and repeat spots on Comedy Central's "Comedy Showcase." On the big screen, Mencia's film credits include "29 Palms" and "Outta' Time.".

Mencia's concert tour, "The Three Amigos," which he headlined in 2001-2002, was so successful it sparked the interest of industry execs and prompted Miramax Films to fund the taping of three sold-out performances as well as behind-the-scenes footage. The DVD of this film was just released by Disney. In addition, StudioWorks Entertainment will release his first retail DVD, ""Carlos Mencia: Not For The Easily Offended Live in San Jose," on June 14, 2005.
Carlos Mencia is one of the funniest comedians in the world.
by InsaneGoth January 17, 2006
Greatest comedian i think to live upon this day! See little fucking pricks think Mencia's feelings will get hurt if they leave him hate mail! Or talk trash about him! He is not offended dumass! people who hate on Carlos can suck my Chode cause he is the downest fucking American too ever live on this planet! You need to watch Carlos with out seeing him on Comedy Central's Mind Of Mencia! His shows are alot funnier than Dave Chappeles shit! Dave Chappele talks about the same shit all the time! I still like him! but shit get some new jokes
DEE DEE DEE!!!!!!! that shits not too cool when your little brother or sister uses it!
But when you hear his old shit!! Your little brother or sister will cry along with your grandparents!!
Carlos Mencia!
by james franks the 3rd October 30, 2005
a mexican comedian who offends everybody. he is hilarious and is the host of a crappy show on comedy central.
watch carlos mencia's stand-up, not his show.
by clevelandsteamer August 06, 2005
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